Monday, February 15, 2010

taking a break

fire, ice and dynamite; acrylic on canvas tryptich 20x48 in.

after a busy valentines weekend, we'll need to take a break to get going with our reno of the new hotel rooms and wellness area and indoor pool.
reopening: march 19th 2010!
me, Simone is busy designing the pool area and the guys did pour the first batch of concrete which will be the chaning rooms- all infloor heating and waste water pipes were in place.
now its off to finish digging the pool, get the entrance moved and the infloor heating installed for the pool and the concrete poured.
here i'm posting my first take on the artwork for the pool area- a smaller version.
please let me know what you think.
i wanted to combine the colours of the water and the sun, the swirls and lifely splashes and dynamics of water.
for more information on this painting visit my blog:

1 comment:

  1. Hi Simone - I just found your blog - was looking for a link to send someone to for the art show this weekend (who's not on facebook). I can appreciate that you're busy!

    I love this proposed art for the pool area and I hope to be able to buy a membership to your pool when it's ready - are you doing that?

    I love all your art, and this is very appropriate for a pool area.
    cheers, maureen