Sunday, October 2, 2011

Knit East

this weekend was a great one for fibre enthusiasts as the first Knit East Event was held
at the Algonquin Hotel. Organized by Cricket Cove gourmet yarn Shops with locations
in Blacks Harbour, Saint John and Moncton, NB.
over 150 eager participants had signed up already before the event to learn from high 
carat designers such as Cat Bordhi, JaneThornley, Lucy Neatby,Veronik Avery and teacher/blogger Yarn Harlot-Stephanie Pearl-McPhee
everyone had a great time, and we hope next year will even be bigger!!
congratulations from us at Europa Inn to Donna for putting on such a great show!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Visting Lavenhop organic grower

With summer starting through full tilt, our chefs took the opportunity
to visit our organic growers' farm. Lavenhop, supplying Europa Inn now for
the second season, invited us to visit the fields and getting hands-on
by picking their organic garlic scapes. the picking is crucial in order to harvest big garlic bulbs in the fall.
the Scapes are delicate early summer veg, make a fantastic pesto and taste great as a sautee.
So, here we set off at 7am with a 3 chefs and me (Simone, the picture-taker ;-)
and our 3 kids (yep, good that our car seats 8 people).
We all had a super time meeting Jackie and Bill and their great operation!
they grow this year 30!! different varieties of vegetables and herbs, from Lavender,
Greens, Beans, Peas, Potatoes and more.
Last year their Hop and Lavender was used in one of Ale House Brewery's specialty Beer creations:
'Lavenhop' they called it!
Markus is now all ready to finish our garden in the back where we grow most
of the herbs used Europa Restaurant along with some vegtables. the space is not big
enough to grow everything- that's why we are so happy to team up with Lavenhop!
 our two youngster sniffing and touching the lavender, just starting to bloom!
 wildflowers  make the artist in me happy!

Lavenhop T-shirts for all!
thanks Jackie and Bill for a great day out in the country!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Atlanticade Motorbike Festival

Welcome all bikers to St. Andrews!
for the second time the Atlantic Canadian Motorbike Festival
'Atlanticade' is meeting in St. Andrews by-the-Sea.
From July 6th-July10th thousands of Motorcyclists are making
their way to our beautiful little town to celebrate their passion.
from all over Canada and the US we have seen Bikers in the past.
Workshops, guided tours by local bikers, specialized Vendors, Competitions from 'show and shine' to
'parcours', live entertainment and much, much more!
if you are in the area, please stop by and look at the wonderfully polished Chrome
lining our streets!
Europa Inn is offering a Special '7 course bikin' tasting menu' for 55$- this weekend only; bookings are coming in fast- so please reserve your spot today!
We are happy to welcome the Festival and hope for a third Return in 2012!
this was during the first evening- wednesday- the parcours view from Europa Inn first floor deck
this was the second evening- thursday just before the bikers returned to St. Andrews....

Friday, June 24, 2011

New Line of vegan Nail Polish

Yes, Bonnie brought in a new line of Nail Polish.
Now Europa Spa is offering the tried-and-true OPI brand
as well as the SPArituals line of vegan polish!
try it out when you get your next mani/pedi at Europa SPA in beautiful St. Andrews by-the-Sea!

Spa Pricelist

Manicure with Paraffin…..35.00
Spa Maincure…………….35.00
French Manicure…………35.00
Mini Manicure…………...20.00

Pedicure with Paraffin…...55.00
Spa Pedicure……………..55.00
French Pedicure………….55.00
Mini Pedicure……………35.00

Polish Application……….15.00

Friday, June 10, 2011

New Lobby and Spa!

Markus taking a reservation- can you see he loves our guests?;-)

Europa Spa entrance

yes, it has been a long haul for us here, but yey!- I'm so happy to announce the our new lobby area and the Spa are all completed!
For the Lobby area we wanted to restore and feature the original 1790's timber structure and old stone foundation which was a pain staking endeavour, but well worth the effort as we have taken great pride during our recent renovations to save not only the history of St. Andrews' 'AndraeLeo hall' but also the story told by the numbered beams, glass bottles left in the walls and everyday 'trinkets' such as cigarette boxes and Opera tickets.

For the Spa
we are thrilled with the tranquil and euro-inspired style, the LEED eco bamboo flooring and the understated elegance of this multifunctional space- all in time for Atlanticade and the summer season.
Europa Spa will be open by appointment offering pampering treatments for hand, feet and face along with relaxing massage, reiki or indian head massage- please reserve with Bonnie at
529-8551, or you can book your accommodation/spa- package directly with us.

Spa nibblies from our culinary team are available to complete your experience. please find Europa Spa menu below.

In addition to the Spa, our carpenters have been busy all winter and spring to upgrade the inn's bathrooms for an 'all-tile', european look featuring soaker tubs (some with air jets) for the ones that like to unwind with a relaxing bath during their stay with us or glass showers and low tubs for the ones that prefer easy step-in.
Our guest rooms have all new bedding, coverings and window treatments and i'm thrilled to
introduce my original seaside paintings in the guestrooms and hallway to complete your Bay of Fundy getaway experience.
All artwork is available- if you wish to take home a one-of-a-kind souvenier, you can pre-view some of the pieces here at my art blog.

Spa Pricelist

Manicure with Paraffin…..35.00
Spa Maincure…………….35.00
French Manicure…………35.00
Mini Manicure…………...20.00

Pedicure with Paraffin…...55.00
Spa Pedicure……………..55.00
French Pedicure………….55.00
Mini Pedicure……………35.00
Polish Application……….15.00

Mild Chemical Peel ….....60.00
Eye Treatment…………..25.00

Massage 1hr……………..60.00
Massage ½ hr……………45.00
Massage 1hr (back )…......50.00
Massage ½ hr (back )……35.00

Monday, April 11, 2011

Seafood festival St. Andrews May 31- June 5th, 2011

For it's second year, the Charlotte Coastal Region Tourism Association is hosting
a seafood festival in beautiful St. Andrews by-the-Sea.
It involves Restaurants, Fishermen, Salmon Growers and Suppliers to the industry and Hotels/Inns to showcase what the Canadian Maritimes have to offer.
This year, the event is basically divided into two main parts:

May 31st-June 2nd is a trade show/convention geared towards Aquaculture Professionals
formerly knows as the 'Aquaculture Fair' or 'Aqua Fair'
June 3rd-5th is a festival for the public featuring yummy (sea)foods, dinner extravaganzas, buy-of-the-boat lobster, farmers market and music throughout town.
Cooking during Festival time last year! always fun!
Europa Inn will be featuring a fish and seafood related menu with daily creations, tapas for eat-in and take out and cooking demos.
on Saturday June 4th, 11-4, we are hosting an open house throughout the whole inn where you can see all our updates, new facilities and sample our offerings! it'll be a party and we hope you can make time to stop by! you can book your table or room with us by clicking here

for more info on the seafood festival, check back here for updates or:
or here:

Monday, February 28, 2011

'Things to see and do' guide of FREE attractions in St. Andrews

Looking out the window, i see snow flying, but my heart is already filling with sunny memories of summer and on how wonderful St. Andrews is to be discovered- and it doesn't even have to cost one cent!
I set out, to map my favourite spots right here in St. Andrews that i'd like to share in this guide of FREE attractions in St. Andrews. Some are well known, others are personal favourites. I hope- when the snow is all melted and the birds are busy building their nests- you will join in to welcome spring with new ideas to discover and re-discover St. Andrews by the Sea- and maybe even print out the map below when coming for a vacation!
thank you for stopping by!

View 'Things to See and Do' guide of FREE attractions in St. Andrews in a larger map

Europa Inn & Restaurant
Europa Inn- Hotel, Restaurant, Spa makes a great start/end spot when sightseeing in historic St. Andrews. right downtown, centrally located about 50 yards off Market Wharf.
St. Andrews Wharf
- Watch the boats and ships come and go, - Bring a line and go fishing!- Soak in the ocean scenery- benches invite visitors- Learn about Sea life- information displays at the top and bottom of ramp/ s...
'Old Fishmarket' Beach
-a good spot for beach combing.mermaid tears and china chips along with coloured glass bits as 'John Sawyer', a local glass blower had his studio here a few years back.-if weather is hot, this makes a...
Marina/ Boat landing
- this is where all boats/ ships are being anchored. - good plein air painting spot for water front, boats and dingys.
St. Andrews Yacht Club
- a small shingled building with great views of the wharf area and waterfront.- good for a picnic, too!(as this is residential neighbourhood, too, please be considerate).
St. Andrews Boat Landing
this is where the boats are being brought into the water.a nice spot for beach combing or a casual picnic.
Beginning of the Wharf
- this is a great spot for kids to explore the ocean floor at low tide- it can get a bit mucky if the tide is just receding, but lots of 'treasures' here, and at high tide a good spot for younger kids...
St. Andrews Blockhouse
-visit the blockhouse and get an inside tour-discover the rock formations with great red colour -walk up to 400 meters out at low tide- many mussels are found at low tide at the outer stretches- a fav...
public washrooms at Centennial Park
Centennial Park
- a favouite among plein air painters and wedding couples!- Waterlily ponds, walk-around trail, neatly groomed, romantic bridge, perennial flower beds-picnic benches
Sunbury Shores Woodland Trail
- a generous gesture from Sunbury Shores Arts and Nature Center to make this trail available to discover nature- they now fundraise to keep it available- if you enjoy it, please consider donating a li...
Pottery Cove
- oh, well... just a magical spot!- scenic at mid tide for that special 'souvenir shot'
Bar Road Beach
- good running spot for the dog.- at low tide see clam diggers (seasonal)- try yourself for a dip in the water at hot temperatures (remember: it's atlantic ocean water and therefore not warm)
old St. Andrews Lighthouse
hopefully the St. Andrews Lighthouse will be restored to its former beauty. it sits within a residential area with a little walk around space surrounding it.
Indian Point Beach
-great beach for dogs.-picnic benches on the park field
Huntsman/ Biological Station Info Hut
information about wildlife/ ocean life and the area.
'old railroad trail'
along the old railroad tracks towards Katie's Cove. people like walking their dogs here.wear long pants against ant bites.
Thursday Farmers Market
-smell the different foods -listen to life music-discover stories and area history told by vendors and local folk.
public washrooms
behind the town hall.
downtown parking- FREE
police station
not always Manned, use the phone box provided on the outside of the 'police/charlotte enterprise' building
Anglican Church
All Saints Anglican Church
St. Andrews Baptist Church
St. Andrews Catholic Church
Church of St. Andrew, Catholic Church
United Church of Canada
Pentecostal Church
Bye the Sea full Gospel Assembly
Greenock Prespeterian Church
Sunbury Shores Arts & Nature Centre
Ross Memorial Museum
art collection and period furniture, guided tours available. Free, donation welcome.
sheriff Andrews House
Historic brick home, free guided tours with explanation of furniture and everyday items used. cookies for the kids;-) sometimes music on the back lawn during events. Free, donation welcome
Charlotte County Archives
learn about the history of our area and its inhabitants. houses the historic jail, too. (small fee/ donation for jail tour).
Sam Orr's hiking trail
made available through NB nature trust, Free
Caughy-Taylor Trail
NB nature trust trail Free
Simpson Hill hiking trail
in remembrance of Karen Foulkes- wonderful vistas
Atlantic Salmon Conservation Centre