Monday, April 11, 2011

Seafood festival St. Andrews May 31- June 5th, 2011

For it's second year, the Charlotte Coastal Region Tourism Association is hosting
a seafood festival in beautiful St. Andrews by-the-Sea.
It involves Restaurants, Fishermen, Salmon Growers and Suppliers to the industry and Hotels/Inns to showcase what the Canadian Maritimes have to offer.
This year, the event is basically divided into two main parts:

May 31st-June 2nd is a trade show/convention geared towards Aquaculture Professionals
formerly knows as the 'Aquaculture Fair' or 'Aqua Fair'
June 3rd-5th is a festival for the public featuring yummy (sea)foods, dinner extravaganzas, buy-of-the-boat lobster, farmers market and music throughout town.
Cooking during Festival time last year! always fun!
Europa Inn will be featuring a fish and seafood related menu with daily creations, tapas for eat-in and take out and cooking demos.
on Saturday June 4th, 11-4, we are hosting an open house throughout the whole inn where you can see all our updates, new facilities and sample our offerings! it'll be a party and we hope you can make time to stop by! you can book your table or room with us by clicking here

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