Wednesday, January 27, 2010

St. Andrews by-the-sea

The Town of St. Andrews is located in the southwest corner of New Brunswick on scenic Passamaquoddy Bay. Settled by loyalists after the American Revolution, St. Andrews today continues to reflect the dominant themes of loyalist social order - peace, order and stability. With its famous gridiron street plan, and its quiet, tree lined residential quarters, the preservation of its Loyalist heritage has not inhibited the economic success of this very prosperous seaside resort.

St. Andrews is truly a unique place. Considering its relatively small population (year round 1700, summer 2500), this wonderful town boasts a public art gallery, a community college, a world class golf course and numerous other amenities often associated with larger centers. Founded in 1783, the town still retains much of its old world charm. Streets that are safe, businesses that are owner-operated and original architecture are just a few of the things you will notice about St. Andrews.

EUROPA and a number of art galleries and studios in and around St. Andrews offer works from maritime, Inuit and our renowned local artists. St. Andrews has a thriving commercial and service sector. Townspeople encourage development of this type of business to contribute to the economy, while maintaining its “smokestack free” business environment. There are educational and research facilities in St. Andrews including three important marine biology research facilities.

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