Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Who we are and what we do

Europa Inn & Restaurant is a European-style Inn with modern air-conditioned rooms located in the heart of St. Andrews by-the-Sea. Licenced dining room, lounge bar. Menu features Atlantic Canadian products prepared by German Master Chef and owner Markus Ritter

Markus Ritter and his wife Simone moved to St. Andrews, New Brunswick from Bavaria. Together, they invite you to embark on a culinary journey as you savour a delicious menu featuring fresh, local seafood, meats and organic local vegetables. After you sample a bounty of National, International and European specialties, enjoy delectable European desserts including ice cream and sorbet prepared in the kitchen nightly. In addition to his regular plates, Chef Ritter will accommodate any special dietary needs so be sure to mention any food allergies upon ordering.

At Europa, presentation is key and every care is taken to provide you with a pleasant dining experience. From the fresh flowers and flatware which is polished to a brilliant shine, to sparkling glasses and linens which are carefully pressed and neatly folded, no detail is overlooked. All of this adds to the wonderful dining ambience at L'Europe.

Chef Ritter
Trained in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, Master Chef Markus Ritter has been in the business of food since 1984 and a master chef since 1998.

After a two and a half year apprenticeship under master chef Klaus Stadler in Germany, Ritter worked at the Hotel Schachener Hof in Lindau. He then went to Gstaad, Switzerland where he was chef at Le Grand Chalet. Next, Ritter traveled aboard the Royal Viking Sea cruise ship, where he prepared wonderful dishes as the ship sailed to USA, Canada, Australia, Asia and New Zealand. The IFA Hotel in Wildental, Austria was Ritter's next stop where he worked two years at the Marriott Hotel in Munich where he was Chef Garde Manger and made buffets and banquets for up to 450 people. He then earned his Masters certificate in cooking in 1998, at Baden-Baden, Germany. After managing at Max & Moritz, Ritter became Sous Chef atWeinstube Gierer in Wasserburg, Germany where he was featured on the German television show, Fahr'mal Hin. It was here, at Weinstube Gierer, that Ritter met his wife Simone. Today, Ritter combines all his experience and knowledge to create a dining experience you will not soon forget.

Many are intrigued by the history of the L'Europe building. It began as a small family house which later became the foundation for the St. Andrews Catholic church. Years later, the church was moved and the town's legion purchased the property and turned it into a hall which held crowds of up to four hundred. In the 1950s, locals remember the building as a movie theatre and dance hall. In 1983, Anita Ludwig (a German Chef) purchased the property and turned it into a restaurant. The Ritters took ownership of L'Europe in the year 2000.

Markus and Simone Ritter

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